Enigma Marketing - the rising star

Enigma Marketing is the rising star in the event sales and marketing field of Scotland's largest city, Glasgow. The company which has established itself as one among the best in the sector has gained for itself credibility that few other companies operating in the field can claim. Banking on this first class reputation that it has gained for itself, Enigma marketing today believes that it still has a long way to go. The company upholds a vision to be the world leader in event sales and marketing and works around the clock to achieve this goal of its.

The company is a specialist when it comes meeting their client's various needs in the most effective manner. The dynamic methods adopted by the company have worked a great way in improving the brand profiles of their clients and spreading their required message across the target demographics. Enigma Marketing has created for itself a reputation that makes every client who is going to deal with them confident about one fact – that their image and standard will be projected in the first class manner among their prospective customers.

With the company's very effective way of direct marketing, Enigma has proved that it is second to none when it comes to increasing their client's revenue and customer base. By planning, orchestrating and organising event marketing campaigns in the best way possible and custom-made to each client’s requirements, the direct marketing method followed by Enigma Marketing serves clients the best when it comes to augmenting their ethos and reputation.




Students, Graduates, Anyone? - New Start in Sales and Advertising in Reading


We are looking for individuals who are ambitious, hard working and enthusiastic for entry-level openings in Sales, Marketing and Promotions in our Reading Office. For ambitious people we can coach intensively within our Business Development Programme with the goal of running your own team and office.

Sales Representatives, Sales Executives, Graduate Sales, Field Sales, Promotions & Advertising



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